Physical Diagnosis I Course Regulations

Classes organization in Medical Simulation Center of MUL

  1. General rules of studies apply in the first place.
  2. According to Rules and Regulations of Studies of the Medical University o Lodz students are obliged to attend the classes with their groups as scheduled.
  3. Attending classes in different terms is forbidden especially due to Covid-19 epidemic. Any attendance gained in such manner will be cancelled and reported for disciplinary actions.
  4. Any absence during the course should always be justified with written note (e.g. sick leave, immigration office attestation etc.) and sent via e-mail to Course Coordinator or Head of the Course. Every absence no matter of reason without proper written justification will always be considered unjustified.
  5. Student’s explanations of absence will not be considered as justification and such absence will not be excused neither by Course Coordinator nor Head of the Course. Only written justification e.g. sick note, Dean’s Office attestation etc. will be taken into consideration.
  6. Two absences on two separate classes during the course are allowed but only one of them may be unjustified. Note: in some days two different classes are organized, so all day absence is equal two absences.
  7. Due to the structure of the course, that consists of independent separate units, absences on more than two separate classes regardless of reason exclude student from exam qualification. In case more than two justified absences occur one should always contact Course Coordinator or Head of the Course.
  8. Due to Covid-19 epidemic it is not possible to make justified absences up with other groups. If justified absence occur every case will be resolved individually taking students good in the first place.
  9. No additional terms of classes will be organized.
  10. ITS students are obliged to schedule their classes in advance according to ITS regulations.
  11. During classes the general principles of order are in force, personal culture is expected as well as respect of individual possessions and educational aids used during teaching. The use of educational aids (phantoms, high fidelity medical simulators, computers, AV equipment etc.) is possible under supervision of teacher only. Persons responsible for damage, destruction or disappearance of educational aids or any objects in time of classes are in duty of delivering the exchangeable helps or objects, and if this will not be possible, they participate in the repair costs or purchase of new.
  12. Lab coat or other medical uniform, medical shoes changed before classes and badge carried in visible place are obligatory. Outdoor clothes and shoes must be left on the ground floor (Level -1) in the lockers next to Western Auditorium or in the cloakroom in Teaching Center. Students violating this regulation can not take part in classes.
  13. Due to Covid-19 epidemic protective masks and protective gloves are obligatory.
  14. At the beginning of each class list of presence will be checked. Late arrival is unadvisable and if it would happen three times during course it is equal to one absence.
  15. Any doubts considering The Course should always be discussed with Course Coordinator.

EXAM organization

OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Exam) 

All covered material from the subject is compulsory for the exam regardless of the presence at individual classes. Exam consists of 12 stations, from which are 6 drawn by lot ranks. On each station student can earn 10 points, so the maximum is 60 points.

To pass the exam at least 40 points is required.

Detailed points–grade conversion table:

Total points 


< 40.0 

2.0 – Failed 

40.0 – 44.9 

3.0 – Sufficient 

45.0 – 48.9 

3.5 – Satisfactory 

49.0 – 52.9 

4.0 – Good 

53.0 – 56.9 

4.5 – Very good 

57.0 – 60.0 

5.0 – Excellent

Number of stations and scoring may be changed in second and subsequent terms of exam. 

Course coordinator: dr Przemysław Szczepanowski 


Head  of the course: dr Marek Kasielski

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